Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Google Image Search Result for Cosmopolitanism

Passport of the future? This image lead to an interesting Global Citizenship Wiki. From my initial skimming, it looks like the page is run by Canadians. Canadians are awesome...and I don't say this because my two managers at work are Canadian, nor because I love those cool uniforms Mounties wear. It's mostly because of their charming accents and plaid lumberjack shirts.


  1. I am not quite sure I am on board with this idea. It seems like they are suggesting we deny the very essence of what defines us, i.e. our social and cultural exposure. I don't think we need to detach ourselves from our culture but integrate our culture with the idea of a global community. I am probably just reading too much into what they are saying though :)

  2. I bet there are many people that deserve to carry one of these in this world lumberjack shirt or not. You would qualify for one.